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Simple Rules to Buying Plant-Based Burgers

Keep it Simple!

Select products with natural ingredients. As method, baking is preferred to fried products. When possible, avoid methylcellulose which is used as a filler in many products. We emphasize high mushroom content, peas, corn, and potato starch for consistency, which make the patty suitable for grilling or prepared on the griddle. This preparation method will enhance the crispness of the outside and the juiciness of the inside.

The mixture of natural flavorings results in a healthy, low-salt, low-fat product. It is ideal for celiac's or general gluten-intolerance, or those who have eliminated gluten from their diet by choice or necessity.

Mr. Burgy proudly describes each ingredient used on our veggie patties. Why? Because we grown them! Check out our ingredients and try a product like Mr. Spinacho.

Ingredients and Nutritional information for Mr. Spinacho

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