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Hi, I'm Guilia

My company specializes in the preparation of gluten-free, non-GMO, baked plant-based and vegetable patties. Our plant-based patties are prepared with the freshest ingredients available and do not contain methylcellulose or any other type of fillers. Our ingredients are all natural, even our preservatives. Mr. Wow offers reduced salt and fat content with enhanced texture and taste to emphasize meat-like characteristics. Our products utilize a rich history of craftsmanship and deep expertise in combining the texture of corn and the softness of peas to create luxurious textures rooted in the best mother nature provides. Mr. Wow and our other plant-based burgers are the ideal meat alternative vegetable patty for everyday cooking!  A must-try for your summer dining, it is bound to please everyone's taste! Salute!

- Dr. Giulia Rinaldi 

From our Family to yours

It was back in the 1970s that the Rinaldi family began foraging the finest mushrooms from Italy and Europe. Cultivating only the choicest specimens, the family business grew based on a reputation of quality and taste.

At the end of the 1990s, the company Modena Funghi was founded to help institutionalize this invaluable agricultural know-how and ensure that it would be handed down over time.

Now in the next generation, Mr. Burgy & Co. is a proud leader in the plant-based revolution, and is dedicated to creating a new taste experience, offering inspired products that combine the flavor and excellence of Modenese tradition with modern consumer preference.

Our Environment

Today, in our solar-powered, energy-independent 54,000 -SF facility, we process and package more than 1,500 tons of products and distribute them to specialty foods and supermarket chains nationwide. It is imperative that we do so conscientiously.

As we grow, every investment we make and product we create is rooted in our top priority: preserving our environment for generations to come. As a company that manufactures and produces products, and as consumers ourselves, we focus on minimizing our impact at every step.

We are blessed and grateful for the incredible earth we have here in the Emilia-Romagna region, and are compelled to do more than our part to keep it as an agricultural sanctuary. Our agricultural practice is based on sustainability - not the other way around - and every decision in weighed with bias toward preservation. In our supply chain, we utilize 100% compostable packaging. Our consumer packaging is recyclable.

Stewardship requires vigilance and innovation. We're constantly assessing and improving in all aspects of our full product lifecycle.